Steal the Sun

​Alaskan Hunters Book 1

Koda Sesi knows not all that glitters in the dark Alaskan night is gold. In her world usually it’s blood. She’s part of a tight knit family that has been hunting supernatural beings since before the Gold Rush. Rumors are swirling around Broken Tusk Inn, her harborside bar, that an old God is going after miners who are alone at night. She’s seen too much in her life to believe in gods but people have gone missing, their vehicles turning up shredded, accompanied by canine like footprints, and mangled wildlife. Koda’s instincts tell her it's not the typical vampire or werewolf that is causing the chaos. She’s concerned that her family’s name won’t be enough to keep them from being the next target. When Koda finally meets the foreman her eldest brother hired to run the family gold mine for the season, secrets from her past come creeping back. Secrets that may prove to be too much of a distraction and put her and her brothers in the line of danger from the creature stalking the mines.

By the Moon


It was just supposed to be one night last summer, just a fling with him at his welcome home party. Just one hot, delicious, drunken romp in his truck was all we agreed on. Except we couldn't keep our hands off each other and it turned into all night.


Rome was the guy all the local girls wanted; good family name, easy on the eyes,  skilled with his hands.  And I didn't need linked to him.  I didn't want to be in the shadowed spot light that was his life.


Now that man, who swore by the moon in a drunken confession that he was a witch, was at my library, silently waiting for me when I left work. I didn't know what he wanted but he’d promised me magic that night last summer.  I didn't believe in magic, but I knew the way he looked at me made me want to go back on my word.




Dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair…  Wait, that's the opening for my favorite Eagles song. Probably shouldn't be drinking and telling you this, but it kinda sucks to be the wolf with no Red Riding Hood to seduce when one is in a mood,  wait,  I mean chase… chase, that's it. That is, until he shows up with flaming red hair and lots of muscles.

Touch the Moon

​Alaskan Hunters Book 2

A decade ago, Valdez Sesi settled into the position of patriarch when his father went missing from a commercial fishing boat. Being responsible for his two siblings and his son has not always been smooth sailing. Keeping them safe from the supernatural creatures that take refuge in Alaska has always been his priority, but since his siblings left him passed out at the family cabin after a fight, he’s taken a step back. Now there’s a new redhead in town and she knows nothing of the supernatural creatures that inhabit Alaska. She’s only there to sell him her family’s ancestral home, but she keeps running into him every where she goes. She’s cute, spunky, and not someone he needs to get involved in his world of hunting the supernatural; but the moon’s full and as sure as the tide rises from the pull of the moon, the Others will be out to play.


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